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I wanted to share with you this month about the remarkable healing transformations that can take place with the profound crystal sonic therapy.  I have been exploring consciousness on a spiritual path since 1997, working with crystals and crystal bowls from this time.  I have researched crystal bowls in depth. I trained in shamanic medicine and I had a ‘calling’ and ‘awakening’ to work with the crystal bowls. I trained with crystal bowls which give an experience that people have not seen before, it is something in a core memory that awakens a person to work with them.  I became a guardian of the crystal bowls and have found amazing effects working with them, both individually and in group sound baths.

They recharge us to live in source, light and live in an optimum way. Our bodies have crystalline in them, the pineal gland is crystal.  Quartz crystallises, focuses and stores energy for things like perception and amplifies reflection, it magnifies and is good for transduction and transformation, balancing and more.

Some of the benefits from crystal therapy are that the sound clears, brings in pure untainted beings, it is consciousness experiencing itself, light energy.  They cause change within us causing chemical ascension, bringing everything back into harmony, our physical emotional and mental bodies back into harmonic vibration.    They are like a reset, everything begins to work as it is supposed to magnetically pulled to entrain with pure light frequency.  We are receiving a pure state of our crystal being, peace, returning us back to our natural state of being.  They calm, enliven, higher states of consciousness, cut and clear negative lifetimes,(providing the person is ready for that intent).

The crystal bowls are incredibly powerful healing tools and it is very important that they are used in a safe space, because of their power.  Their power extends and amplifies energy which reflects what is going on for the persons thoughts, which is why intent is so important and that a safe space is a must for this work. This is the reason I am vegetarian and teetotal, and have a strong daily meditation practise, in order to maintain the purity of working with such a high vibrational frequency with its reflection and magnification energy. For me it is important to be authentic and in integrity. 

Because of the high frequency and safe space, these cannot be offered over the internet at this time, but if you would like to experience a therapy session in the near future please do get in touch with me for individual or group sonic crystal therapy.

I am offering distant healing with these tools; should you wish to request healing for someone in need at this time, please get in touch.
We have a crystalline body, magnifying, amplifying our thoughts and feelings We are a musical instrument; let it be ‘in tune’. I am available for distant sound healing or EFT on a donation basis.  Please contact me to arrange a suitable time.

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