INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS can be specifically focused to identify specific healing intents. Deep issues can be helped through focused therapeutic intents which can be transformed through healing sound.

Gong Therapy

Sound healing is the practise of “re-tuning” the human system back to ideal frequencies via a universal physical and biological principle known as Sonic Entrainment, where rhythmic vibrations of similar frequencies resonate in unison. The human system knows what feels harmonious and almost automatically tunes into what is needed at any given time.

The gong is arguably the ultimate sound healing tool, as it has the broadest range of tones and frequencies of any instrument.  When played sensitively and well, this vast range of sound deeply bathes every cell of the body – muscles, bones, organs, nervous system, etc. and via sonic entrainment brings it back into harmonic balance.

The complex sounds of the gong overcome the mind that is producing the negative thought patterns clogging the chakras, and the mental imprints that store the negative energy in the chakras can be cleared, restoring harmony and vitality to the body and mind.

Therefore, as we remove blockages, imbalances and stagnant energy from the chakras, we cleanse the energetic layer of Being before the negative energy can accumulate and manifest as a physical ailment

As you get familiar with gong bath healing, the self-regulating mechanism of the chakras becomes more efficient, and the negativity and pollution from everyday life are easily filtered out.

Just as a body massage works out tight and knotted muscles, the “sonic massage” of a gong bath works out emotional issues that we need to release in order to move on.  Because the gong works as an emotional cleanse, the sound of the gong often brings about various emotional releases, especially when heard for the first time.  Crying, laughing, or transient feeling of anxiety,  fear, love or bliss are not uncommon as emotional reorganisation takes place.

Rotogong Therapy

Rotogong therapy allows for the gong to swing 360 degrees in an orbit, just like a planet, creating a 360 degree gong consciousness, giving the listener a much deeper transformational experience.

When the gong is played, waves of complex particles vibrate off the metallic surface, sending dancing harmonics into the space in a bidirectional and acoustically reflective manner. This creates beautiful and wondrous atmospherics like you’ve never felt before.

The layers of sound emanating from the surface of the gong wash the listener in pulsing waves of chordal resonance, gently modulating the frequencies with a rotational Doppler effect that is both rhythmic and mesmerizing.

This spinning motion enhances the beats of colliding waves that ebb and flow over the listeners who experience not only an aural but also a visceral and spiritual sensation from the vibrational realignment that the deep harmonic resonance of the gong provides. This enables a deeper dive into the mysteries of the transcendent and healing energies of the gong.

The tonalities that can be coaxed from a well-played and beautifully crafted gong are a sound sensation.