Kriya Yoga Meditation

The breath brings rhythm to the body, the body is like a Lute, an instrument to be played, when we don’t play this instrument properly it is not realised, when it is not understood, when it is not used for its proper purpose, then the body is not reaching its fulfilled purpose. We forget the rhythm in our body that is created by the heart, the pulse. Life depends on rhythm, the rhythm of the seasons, the waves, the planets; the whole of life depends upon it.  The breath that we breathe is a mystical secret.

When we breathe we are breathing in God’s Universal energy, we breathe in the ray of light that then circulates around our body, into all our lungs, organs, and throughout our whole system, it is stimulated and connected with this breath, it oxygenates our system, and we breathe it back out to the universe, this action makes us one with the cosmos and consciousness. It creates an energetic glow in and around our body, an energy of light that builds, when we breathe consciously. We do not see the action of the breath, but it goes to different planes. The breath connects as one current with the Divine.

To bring harmony to our body, our soul our mind, we can harmonise through the breath.  It is the practise of the breath, that helps us get “in tune” with our being, to help us to bring order into our being. The consciousness of light can infuse the process of breathing so that each breath literally draws down from the spiritual universe, a stream of light that nourishes, uplifts, and maintains an alignment with the higher realms.   It helps us to restore the original purity.

Learn Kriya Yoga Meditation: It’s a simple breathing meditation practice leading into meditation, peace of mind, peace in the body and clarity of purpose. The breathing technique helps you to find peace and a better state of physical and mental health through breathing.

Here are some of the benefits of the practice:

Sense of health and wellbeing * Strengthens your lungs * calms the mind and helps alleviate fears * gives clarity of thought * helps you concentrate * gives heightened awareness * focuses your attention * cleans and oxygenates brain and blood * helps pain relief * removes stress * helps you form meaningful relationships * broadens perspectives * overcome traumatic experiences * aids compassion * accept peace.

Individual or Group Training Sessions are available.

Wendy was initiated into the lineage of Maha Avatar Babaji, by Swami Aliananda Paramahansa, and she teaches on behalf of Paramahansa Aliananda”>