Amazing, interesting and impactful presentation by sound worker Wendy Scott at West Cornwall Women in Business meeting today at Hypatia Trust!

~ Linda Cleary

Talk on Sound Therapy

I just wanted to say thank you for the sound healing session last week. I have felt a shift since-particularly in feeling more motivated to move forward with my books. It was great to be able to work on healing some deep issues in a gentle supportive way.

~ Sue. Coventry

Gong Therapy

When Wendy worked with the gong with us, it felt like some walls in me were broken, emotions began to flow, tears came and joy too. After some meditations with swami Aliananda something rounded up in me and so I could transform the death of my daughter into something that let me grow – and my daughter still lives in and with me. Without the gong work before, that would not have been possible. Thank you Wendy.

~ P.B. Austria

Gong Bath

A very big thank you for the gong session.

You were just amazing and I am still entranced with the lovely healing space you have created. The tranquillity and the beauty were amazing and so inviting. I came away very inspired amongst lots of other feelings too.

~ Thelma. Cornwall

Gong Therapy

I highly recommend a session of EFT and gong therapy with Wendy.
It is a very powerful, profound and deeply healing experience. I have been working with a particular health issue for sometime and I have found the combination of gong and EFT extremely positive and helpful. Wendy is a most excellent and wonderfully sensitive therapist.


Sound & EFT

I found ‘Waves of Light’ to be a wonderfully informative and experiential event. The astrological information from Cassandra for the next six months was very enlightening and then to be able to hold an intention from that place whilst being immersed in the planetary gongs which were expertly played by Wendy was truly magical. I felt my whole body vibrating and my consciousness went to another level – afterwards I felt so chilled out it was truly a ‘cloud nine’ experience! Now I feel blissful, free, joyous, well and energised. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be gently lifted, transformed and ready to take on whatever life has in store for them.

~ Linda Hurr B.Sc. Hons

Sound & Astrology “Waves of Sound”

Experiencing the gong bath was special from the first moment of all around sounds with the Chiron gong. It seemed like an underwater encounter with whales and dolphins ,it was also like wonderful music leading into a deeply relaxing time where mental activity completely slowed and thoughts drifted through me occasionally as well as imagery .It was a profound experience that has helped towards making changes in my attitude and sense of myself.

I recommend gong baths with Wendy Scott she used four gongs during the session and is an incredible gong master,her intuitive sensitivity to us all in the session was valuable.

~Sue Bleakley, Cornwall

Hydro Acoutic Gong Bath & Sound & Astrology experiences

I can not tell you just how much I enjoyed the Gong Bath and definitely will be back for more!  Keep doing what you are doing, the world is a better place ?

~ Jill. Hayle

Keep doing what you are doing, the world is a better place

Just to say a big thank you for the lovely Gong session with our meditation this afternoon. I came away feeling so much more at peace. God Bless you in the work that you do.

~ Carly S.

I came away feeling so much more at peace

Thanks so much for taking part in the Ekam World Peace Meditation gathering, your gong playing was truly magical.

~ Linda.  Hayle.

Your gong playing was truly magical

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful gong bath last week and Bella and her mum also loved it.
The bath shifted many things for me and in the evening I was feeling very tired.

~ M.N. Hayle.

The bath shifted many things for me

I’d not realised how much I missed having a ‘gong bath’. It was so good to experience it again, especially as it does help with various aches and pains, but, perhaps more importantly, how it seems to reconnect me with the timeless spiritual cosmos. I love the gongs primal calling that causes the soul to respond, like a yearning for home, I feel. I’m sure they allowed me to spend time with the ancestors as well remembering flying and swimming. It’s a true exploration of inner and outer space.

~ Bev. Wilts/Cornwall

It’s a true exploration of inner and outer space